Frequently Asked Questions

Why cannabis edibles?

Medical Cannabis has been proven to relieve the symptoms associated with chemo-therapy and many other illnesses, shrink and stop cancer cells from growing, control epileptic seizures, improve gut functions and immune systems, and so much more. Ingesting cannabis allows the full absorption of the benefits into the body.  

How is the quality of the high so epic and clear?

We use the highest quality of antioxidant rich coconut oil, and infuse it with only top quality ORGANIC cannabis bud crumbles. Creating the cleanest, and most enjoyable high imaginable.

How do we infuse cannabis into our superfoods?

We use organic cannabis bud crumbles, and infuse it into extra virgin coconut oil via a 12 hour process. Once our infused oil is tested, we coat ALL of our ingredients- oats, seeds, nuts and berries in the infused oil. (YES every ingredient in our mixes is medicated.)  Once soaked, we bake our superfoods at a low temperature, which allows the ingredients to fully absorb the cannabis.


We take honor in choosing every ingredient in all of our products. From the antioxidants in coconut oil, protein in pumpkin seeds, anti-inflammatory agents in cinnamon, natural energy and fiber in oats, endorphin rich dark chocolate, our products are the richest forms of superfoods. Together- Cannabis and nutrient dense ingredients create a healing effect in the body. 

Pura Vida Health products are all prepared in our USDA health department certified industrial kitchen.

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