"Don't Sacrifice Your Body For A Buzz"


Healing Superfood for Mind and Body


When our close friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, we knew the universe was giving us a sign. Coming from the food industry we could tell there was a void in the system. Our only answer was to infuse medical cannabis into our delicious and nutrient dense superfoods to create the most healing way to medicate and feed your body.

Pura Vida Baby!


Quality Ingredients You Can Trust


Really, It's simple. All of our ingredients are naturally earth-derived, easily digested and recognizable to the body... So simple you can even pronounce them.


ALternative Medicine

We source our organic cannabis from our contracted indoor and outdoor farms- promising the best quality medicine

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Craving crunchy? Salty? Sweet? Chewy? .. We offer all cravings as a healthy alternative! So tasty you won't believe its good for you!

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